Hey there! I guess you want to more about the people behind the game? Well, here we go:


This is Bird, the special Green Chicken! Ok, he’s actually a black-capped conure, but he’ll always be my special chicken!

After adopting this perfect lil babby in early 2017, he inspired me to draw the first picture that would later become the whole Too Many Birds game! It’s true that without him, the game would never exist

Marina McFab

That’s me! The one writing all these posts!

Writing an about page for yourself is always the hardest thing ever, so I’ll just leave it at: I like birds and making games and other stuff too. Maybe more of me comes through what I create, rather than what I write?

David Mac

Level Design & Tester
Level Design & Tester

While I was working on the rest of… everything, David worked hard on making and testing nearly all of the levels in the puzzle game! Yes, even the legendary level 16 😉

He, and the rest of my family, also help me to test the game to try to keep the bugs in each update to a minimum. I couldn’t do it without them!

David also helps manage the merchandise side of things, since I forget about a lot of stuff.

and also…

Each and every player, and every Ko-Fi supporter. I wouldn’t be able to work on anything at all if it wasn’t for the generous support of everyone, as well as feedback on the game! So thank you so much for helping me make the game!