Birds are great!

But what’s not so great is how many of them struggle. Whether they’re endangered due to invasive species, deforestation, climate change, trafficking or other human influences, or if they are rescued pets in need of new, loving homes and care, I feel like it’s really important to try to help look after them.

Luckily, there are a lot of great charities out there who are more than willing to step up and help these birds, and sometimes they just need a little bit of extra financial support to help them achieve these goals.

Here are a few charities I like in particular!

(if you are or know of a charity that helps look after birds and the environment, please get in touch at – I’d love to add you to this list, both here and in the game!)

(I’m not officially affiliated with these charities – though I do try to contact them before adding them here – and do not stand to gain anything from promoting them. I’ll always promote them for free, because they deserve it!)


PEAC – Parrot Education & Adoption Center

PEAC, the Parrot Education and Adoption Center, is a volunteer organization based in San Diego.

They are dedicated to educating current and potential birds owners on how to properly care for companion parrots.

They also foster lost or unwanted birds for adoption.

Visit them at